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Recognised Service Providers


Residential Care Service Voucher (RCSV) Scheme for the Elderly

Residential Care Homes for the Elderly (RCHEs) participating in the Scheme have to provide non-subsidised places and meet the requirements specified by the Social Welfare Department on space standard, staffing and track record. Currently, there are different types of RCHEs joining as Recognised Service Providers (RSPs), including subvented homes, contract homes, NGO-run self-financing homes, Category EA1 homes under the Enhanced Bought Place Scheme and other private RCHEs meeting the entry requirements. For the list of RSPs, please click the icon below.


List of RSPs under the Pilot Scheme on RCSV
List of RSPs under the RCSV Scheme

For details on individual RSPs including facilities, staffing, fee and number of vacant beds open for accommodating voucher holders, etc., please visit the webpage of individual RSPs for their fee charging table by clicking the icon above.


Choosing a RSP under the "RCSV Scheme"

Choosing a Recognised Service Provider under "the Pilot Scheme on RCSV for the Elderly"
This video provides some ideas for the voucher holders and/or their carers for consideration in choosing a suitable RSP, such as location, environment and facilities, meals, manpower and their attitude, content and charges of enhanced or value-added services, and personal care items, etc.


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